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To start this story, we need to go back a decade. Here's a report from 2005 and the very first Easy Peasy skate (which is still viewable on our index page)

Saturday 26 March 2005

Wow, what a skate! A sunny start to the first ever Easy Peasy with over 100 skaters attending


Note the date - 2005.

Our 'twin' is born; fours years late

A few years later a new website was created by a participant of the Easy Peasy Skate, Mr Simon Green. He took copyrighted content from our site (including photos) and stated our weekly Saturday event had not been going since 2005; it had somehow started in 2004, an entire year before it began. According to Mr Green's domain was purchased on 1 September 2009.

We first learnt of the matter when Wandsworth Events Team declared they had had difficulty getting in touch with us. Quadron Services, who are responsible for commercial and event coordiantion within the park, stated

1. Repeated communication efforts had been made to Mr Green for over a year, with no response.

2. As a result no permission had been granted for either the event or the skating lessons Mr Green claims to offer.

3. Commerical merchandising of shirts, skin suits and hats which point to the website owned by Mr Green have not been authorised.

Despite several messages left via Mr Green's website we have as yet to receive a reply.


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